Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ

Sarita's Testimony

Hi, I am SARITA. I was born in a Marwadi family. The Marwadis are a Hindu business community from Western India. I came to know about Jesus Christ through my mom’s friend. She introduced all of us in my family to Christ. She used to come home very rarely, so I used to just think: "Okay, there is a god whose name is Jesus Christ." Actually our interest in Christ was motivated by a need in the family: my eldest sister's health was not good and we had taken her to many temples - to no avail - then my mother's friend said she would pray for her and take her to church.

So I used to go with her to the Hindi service of a Baptist church in Hyderabad. We would just go, sit there, pray quickly and leave in about 15 minutes. And then I was introduced to the Bible. I was like: "all right, another book" and never opened it. Then I came across another lady, Aunt Padma. She was a very good believer (true Christian) and through her I got to know more. She asked me to read the Bible and understand what it teaches. Every Tuesday I used to go to her house. There Aunt Shanta used to deliver a message from the Bible. From then on, I started reading the Bible; my sisters also began to read the Bible.

Then there came a point in my life in which nobody was there with me - no one - not even my parents and friends - they all forsook me. My only friend, a person to share my feelings with, was the Lord Jesus. During this difficult time, I used to read my Bible, pray, and worship Him. The Bible came true: Just as the Lord Jesus had said, the world forsook me but He didn't (see Hebrews 13:5, John 16:33, John 15:19). In my toughest times, Jesus was there. He wiped my tears and He made me laugh. During this period of two years I completely gave myself to Christ. I stopped worshiping idols, and stopped performing puja (Hindu rituals), and I also began to keep myself away from food that had been offered to idols because my Jesus doesn’t like it.

My parents were opposed to my new found faith. They used to shout at me for not eating food offered to idols, not attending puja, not going to temples and so on. It was a trial for me but I was firm with my commitment to my God. I used to go every Sunday to church and to meetings on Tuesdays. I use to also read Biblical material from the net. It was like my own world! Because of all this my parents were not happy but I knew that what I was doing was right.

In our community, girls are completely under the control of their parents until they get married. My parents got me married to a Hindu man from our own community, but I told him before hand: "I don’t believe in idols. I have only one God: Jesus Christ. If you have any objection, you can let me know now". He replied that he didn’t have any objection. By the grace of God I have got a husband who takes me to church, prays with me, and reads the Bible. And moreover, my in-laws don’t force me to perform puja and the rest of the Hindu rituals.

In October 2010, I got baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. It was really tough for me. In our Marwadi community, going to church and getting baptized is considered really out of place, so it was very difficult thing for a girl like me, my in-laws, my parents and relatives.  Ah.... but there was one Friend of mine to support me; my pastors and my Baptist church in Hyderabad were also supportive; my husband was okay with it. By the prayers AND SUPPORT and by the WILL OF GOD I was baptized.

Life is really beautiful in Christ! Truly, if I did not know the commandments of God I think I would have never known what sin is. Now life is changed - it's all about Jesus Christ.

Jesus' words are true! He is the only one true God; He died for my sins - He paid the price for my sins. I am really thankful to God - for His only begotten Son who came to earth and died on the cross for my sins and the sins of us all. This love of God is eternal, never changing. Someone who has experienced God in his own life can say this and feel it.

Now, wherever I am on a Sunday, I go to church at any cost. I pray to God to provide a church for me and He does it, be it in Mumbai, Akola, Haridwar or anywhere else.

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all your love, blessings and strength when I was weak. I hope this testimony inspires you. I'm thankful to Siby and Johnny for giving me this opportunity to share it. May God bless you and your family.