Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ

Ranjit's Testimony

I was born on 09th Feb 1983 in a Sikh family. I followed a god that I never knew and worshipped this god just as my parents taught me to. Looking at people's practices & my family's attitude towards god and religion soon made me lose interest because much of what they said and did didn’t make sense to me. What I realized was that we all USE God. We use Him for our selfish motives, we use Him for our financial needs, for our physical needs,  we use Him during exams, or just before our job interviews and so on. Well without offending anyone, I would like to mention two incidents which really made me question my faith. I remember my relatives advising me that,"Ranjit your exams are coming up. Why don’t you visit this particular gurudwara in Koliwada, Matunga (Mumbai) five times?" My family too were frequent visitors of this special gurudwara on the Nashik Highway. I also had friends who visited some special churches, temples or mosques in various places. Such suggestions from my relatives and such acts of faith made me ponder as to why do we need go to a special place to achieve something, when we too had the same granth's, idols etc in our own homes and are we not worshipping the same god?  Are we not indirectly saying that the power of god is mightier in those places and not all that powerful in our homes or not powerful enough in the temples, churches or mosques of our localities? I soon was convinced in my heart that if this is what faith and religion was and if this is who god is, that we can simply use him in time of need and if god's power is limited to some particular places then I'd rather not follow anyone. I soon became an atheist. I stopped visiting any place of worship. I started enjoying the company of drunkards and drug addicts as I thought that it was a cool thing to do. I even enjoyed playing devilish music and even had a small time band called the Kame Kaze (i.e. Suicide Japanese bombers). Some of my habits were so grave that it is shameful for me to even mention them.

But then I got introduced to the gospel by two friends. One of them studied with me in my college. They told me about the Lord Jesus Christ and how much He loved me...loved me to such an extent that He died for me on the cross.They also told me that we are in the end times and how that Lord Jesus is soon going to judge the unbelievers and rapture His followers. What they said was convincing but something in me told me to resist. I asked them one question, "If Christ is the true Savior then how can He die?" They told me one simple thing, "So that He could show that He is God by rising again from the dead". This was something very new to me, that a person could rise from the dead. But I resisted to this too as I remembered my parents warning me about Christians who try to convert people of other faith. I got very upset at my friends and told them to never bring  this topic up ever again.

Days passed but the signs of the end times that they told me kept ringing in my heart. They told me how that a brother shall hate his brother, a father his son, a neighbor shall be against his neighbor. Nation shall rise against nation, there would be earthquakes, famines, and pestilences before the Lord would come. And once that He raptures His people how that antichrist would take control of the world. They also told me about the mark 666 and how that anyone who denies taking that mark would be put to death because one would not be permitted to buy or sell anything without the mark.

I kept thinking of these things. Out of all these, the fact that touched me the most were to know that Christ rose from the dead and the hatred that would increase in mankind.  I had not heard of anyone rising from the dead. No guru, no swami, no leader absolutely no one. I lived in a family where my father and brother never spoke to each other. I never spoke to them unless we had to argue or fight. We didn’t have good relations with any of our neighbors. Our own relatives too had forsaken us when my father suffered a business closure. I couldn’t stop thinking of these incidents and how could I ignore them because these were true facts of my life. 

I use to often think of these things while lying on my bed. Then I prayed one night. I prayed in broken words, that oh God whoever you are show me the truth. I will not name you Allah, or Guru or Jesus. If you are alive then lead me to the truth.

I can’t recollect how many days or weeks passed since I prayed this prayer. But I soon moved on. One evening I was playing the guitar with my friends as usual. We often jammed-up once or twice a week. Something strange happened that day. I would like to narrate this incident without disclosing the identity of any of my friends, so the names have been changed to keep it confidential.That evening as we all met to jam up, my friend Nick told me about something that happened to one of our friend Ken. Now Ken had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for quite sometime. But something had happened in Ken’s life, and when I heard that, it almost swept the ground off my feet. Ken’s mother worked overseas and he lived with his sister and father in an apartment close by. It so happened that Ken had called over a friend to his place as his father and sister were away that night. Ken and his friend used to often share moments consuming drugs together. Ken had gathered sufficient stuff to intake for that night. But his friend told him about how Jesus has changed his life completely & he no longer was addicted to these things and he even told Ken that if he was willing then Jesus could heal him too. Ken resisted to this and simply mocked him. On further persuasion Ken finally agreed that he could atleast give it a try. So they both started to pray. At first Ken simply fooled around but his friend told him that if he really wanted to get out of it he'd have to be serious about this for once and be honest to himself. Ken thought in his heart and said in his mind that God if you are real then this is it. I am willing to be changed. They both held hands and prayed together (What I am about to say next is simply what was narrated to me and I do not know how much of this was exaggerated. But there is one thing I know that if God is for real then Satan too is for real). As they were about to end their prayer by saying “Amen”, Ken felt as if two hands held him by his neck. He couldn’t say Amen. His friend saw this and shouted saying, "Say it Ken Say it". This continued for some seconds and then after a lot of struggle Ken said that glorious word “AMEN”. Immediately after saying Amen, he burst out in tears. He didn’t say anything that night but kept crying. When he woke up the next morning he tried smoking a cigarette and suddenly felt as if his body had caught fire from within and he immediately threw it away. He asked his friend what had happened to him and why he couldn't smoke like he used to. (Without going into the theological depts of his statement) His friend told him that the Lord had touched him and his friend said that He was now sealed with the Holy Spirit. 

When I heard this testimony from Nick, I told him that I too had recently heard about the Lord Jesus Christ from my college friends. Well I was trembling from within and losing my breath. I went home and phoned up my college friend and told her about this incident. I asked if this was possible and she simply said that, “Yes Ranjit it is possible. My God is the living God and He alone can do this.” I was extremely scared because I was not only about to stand against the belief of my immediate family members but the entire sikh community. But I surrendered all to Christ believing that the God who can heal a drug addict in one night can also take me through every hurdle of my life and if this is indeed the truth then I am ready to even lay down my life for it. That night I prayed and surrendered my life to Christ.

The next morning I got a call from my college friend who I spoke to about all this the previous night. She told me "Ranjit I have something to tell you. This morning during my morning meditation, I got a verse" And she read it out for me, It was from Luke 15:10, it says 'LIKEWISE, I SAY UNTO YOU, THERE IS JOY IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ANGELS OF GOD OVER ONE SINNER THAT REPENTETH.'

She told me "Ranjit this verse is for you, there is definitely rejoicing in heaven about the fact that you have received the Lord Jesus into your heart and now you are a part of His kingdom". I was so touched by this and I was absolutely convinced that this couldn't have been by chance or a coincidence; this was something planned by God for me much in advance. Then I was gifted a New Testament. I tell you this with keeping God as my witness that I have never read such a wonderful book like this ever before in my life. I was so amazed to see that God had actually written things thousands of years ago but they are so applicable even today. That is why the Bible is known as The Living Word.

Dear reader, are you too seeking God? The Bible gives a promise to every seeker, "Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you".

This is my challenge to you. Try seeking God with an honest heart. If He can reveal His truth to a sinner like me then He can show His truth to anyone. God is not interested in your name change or your money, nor is He here to get us involved in a religion. He is interested in every soul on this planet, and He has paid the price to save every single person who is ready to believe on Him including you. God said in His word that, "I have come to seek and save that which was lost."

Are you lost? Everyone who hasn't found God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ is lost.

Are you struggling to find the real purpose & meaning of life? Come to Jesus Christ. God wants to fulfill His will in your life and that is to save you from judgment and eternal hell.

Remember we are in the end times and the Lord Jesus is coming soon to judge this world. It is my hope and prayer that you would put your trust in Him lest you would be left behind.

May His name be glorified.

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