Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ

In answering the questions on Jesus, you are using the Bible to prove the Bible!

Only some of the arguments are of this type. What I'm trying to do with these arguments is to point out the internal consistency of the Bible. If the Bible was made by fraudsters, it would lack internal consistency. Since the Bible was written over several centuries by several authors who didn't know each other, its internal consistency is remarkable. Of course, this does not by itself prove that the Bible is true. It is possible for a record to be consistent and yet wrong. However, when skeptics suggest alternative scenarios (like "may be Jesus didn't die on the cross"), the burden of proof lies on them to show that their scenarios are consistent and account for all the known facts. Also see: How do we know that the Bible comes from God? and evidence for the authenticity of the Bible.

Should we thank the first century Jews and Romans for killing Jesus?

The Bible teaches that Jesus died according to God's plan to provide salvation for man. So some suggest that it was "nice" of the Jews/Romans to kill Jesus because otherwise we would not have salvation. Even if they were not nice, they were at least innocent because they were only carrying out God's plan.

But this is not so. The Bible affirms not only the sovereignty of God, but also the free will of man. In fact, the very passage that tells us that Jesus died according to God's plan (Acts 2:23-24) also implicates those who crucified him. God did not "program" the Jews and Romans to crucify Jesus. He merely knew their attitude in advance and so allowed Jesus to die at their hands. The Jews made a conscious choice to crucify the Lord Jesus (Matthew 27:23-25). Pontius Pilate made a fully conscious choice to crucify him (John 19:12-16) and the Roman soldiers (representing all of us) made a conscious choice to unnecessarily increase Jesus' agony (Mark 15:16).

Besides, a three-hour ordeal at the hands of Roman soldiers is not enough to atone for the sin of billions of humans. Jesus suffered at God's hands on the cross (Isaiah 53:10), and it is this that makes salvation available to us today.

Thus, the people who crucified Jesus are guilty, and we have no obligations towards them. At the same time, it is absolutely wrong to demonize modern Jews as "Christ killers".

More than the after-life, I'm concerned about this one. How will God help me NOW?

It's true that many of us go through life with all sorts of difficulties and cares. We’re often disappointed by how much pain we have to go through, and how little others care. While we have many needs as humans living on earth, the Bible is absolutely clear that our greatest need is none of the things mentioned above. According to the Bible, your biggest problem is not low self-esteem, a lack of education or financial resources, abuse that you may have suffered, a stressful lifestyle, lack of sexual fulfillment, or a lack of opportunity to develop to your full potential. Your biggest problem is SIN. You are a sinner, and that places you on the path of the wrath of God. All the problems mentioned earlier last a lifetime. But God’s judgment on sinners lasts for all eternity! Hence, your greatest need is to get right with God.

The Lord Jesus said that securing your soul is more important than gaining the whole world (Mark 8:36). He also made it clear that hell must be avoided at any cost (Mark 9:43-48).

The Bible says that when we come to Jesus in repentance and faith, God becomes our heavenly Father. It’s not in a child’s best interest for his father to grant him his every wish or make sure that his life is without any trouble. In the same way, God deals with those who receive Jesus as a Father deals his child. He knows what’s best for you in accordance with His purposes, and He’ll give it to you. But all this is applicable only after you become His child by availing of The solution that God has provided for sin

Is vicarious atonement (one person being punished instead of someone else) unfair?

It would be, if there was compulsion involved or the sentence was transferred. If you jumped a signal, and the traffic police conveniently ignored you, stopped me and fined me, that would be unfair. But if he fined you, and you didn't have the money, I could come over to you and give you the money to pay the fine. In fact, when you pay a fine, the cop never asks you whether you've earned the money yourself, or whether someone else gave it to you. It is fair enough if you are sentenced, and the fine money is paid.

In the same way, we are sinners, and God sentences us - not Jesus Christ, who is sinless. But the Lord Jesus voluntarily pays on our behalf what we need to pay. So it is not unfair - just amazingly kind.