Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ

Prophecy # 17: Jerusalem will be trampled by the Gentiles

“Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled.” – Jesus, speaking in Luke 21:24

Jesus spoke these words in AD 32. In AD 70, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Jews were scattered away from the land. Although there always was a Jewish presence in the land, the absence of most Jews enabled encroachers to live in Jewish land. In the 1967, general Moshe captured the Temple Mount from the Arabs, and then handed it back to them. 

Resolution 181 of the United Nations enacted on November 29, 1947 designated Jerusalem as an international territory never to be under the sovereignty of the Jews. Even today, Arabs occupy part of Jerusalem. Other parts of the land promised by God to Israel are also in non-Jewish hands. The image shows the Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount, Jerusalem. The hearts of orthodox Jews must ache as they see a symbol of 7th century Arabian moon-worship at the location of their beloved temple. The area is controlled by a Muslim board called the Waqf. Politically correct Israeli police officers are absolutely unsympathetic to Jews who want to come to the temple mount and pray. The "times of the Gentiles" are on just as Jesus said!!

Prophecy # 18: The nations will divide the land (Joel 3:2)

The 1917 Balfour Declaration, the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and the 1922 Declaration of Principles of the League of Nations recognized that the ancient land of Israel (which the Romans had renamed 'Palestine') belonged to the Jewish people. It was set apart for them, and Great Britain was given the mandate to see that "Palestine" once again became the homeland of the Jews. Instead, to curry Arab favor because of their oil, Britain divided it, giving more than 70% to Emir Abdullah Hussein, thus creating the kingdom of Jordan.

UN Resolution 181 is called the “Partition of the land”. It divided Israel, giving 87% to the Arabs (for oil) and 13% to the Jews, although the League of Nations’ 1922 Declaration of Principles had said that all of “Palestine” belonged to the Jews. As this is being written, the US, the EU, the UN and Arab nations are involved in a "Road Map", which is a plan to divide God's land. Needless to say, they'll pay heavily for their attempts to divide God's land.

Prophecy # 19: Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone to all the nations. (Zechariah 12:3)

"There are few countries that have played so central a role in world history as the land of Israel" – David Ben Gurion (Prime Minister of Israel), 1965 
One third of the time of the United Nations Security Council today is used up in discussing Jerusalem/Israel related issues. The most powerful people of the world, namely the heads of state of the US, EU and top UN officials are constantly involved in efforts to bring peace to Jerusalem. When Zechariah penned these words in 2500 BC, Jerusalem was a heap of ruins being humbly rebuilt. No king or leader spent his time thinking about Jerusalem.

Prophecy # 20: Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling for the nations surrounding Israel (Zechariah 12:2)

When you see the Muslims around Israel outnumber her 50:1 and filled with hatred for her, you wonder why they don't just launch an all out attack on her and finish her off. Why don't they? They TREMBLE to think of the outcome if they attack Israel. Of course, when Zechariah wrote these words, no one trembled thinking of the prospect of attacking Jerusalem. It simply was not worth attacking.

Prophecy # 21: God will gather the nations against Israel (Joel 3:2, Zechariah 12:2-9)

Historically, the nations around Israel have always fought each other. Today, for the first time in history, there's one thing that unites all of them together - a common hatred for Israel that has its basis in Islam! Not only is the Islamic world united in a seething hatred for Israel, but antisemitism is rising worldwide. Consider the following:-

  1. Britain has stopped teaching its school children about the holocaust since it offends Muslims
  2. Matthias Kuentzel, a German scholar who has traced the influence of Adolf Hitler in the Muslim world, says Judeophobia is at its worst level since the Nazi era. [EMET NEWS, October 6, 2007]
  3. One-third of today's young Jews in Israel fear that a second Holocaust could indeed once again decimate what is left of their people. This is according to a poll carried out by the Anti-Defamation League, the results of which were published in the Israeli press Sunday. [EMET NEWS, April 21, 2007]
  4. According to a 2008 survey released this past week by the Pew Research Center, hatred of Jews and general xenophobia are on the rise in Europe. Spain displayed both the highest level and the most pronounced increase in anti-Semitism, doubling since 2005 to 46 percent of adults surveyed. Among European states, Britain had the lowest level of anti-Jewish sentiment, with fewer than 10 percent of those polled expressing negative views of Jews. Thirty six percent of Poles and 34 percent of Russians expressed anti-Jewish sentiments, both figures representing increases since 2005. "Negative attitudes toward Jews are only slightly less common in Germany," the Pew researchers wrote in November-December, "where one-in-four express an unfavorable view, and in France, where 20 percent say they have an unfavorable opinion. And in both countries, negative ratings have become somewhat more widespread since 2004." [Arutz Sheva, Emet News Nov 8, 2008]
  5. Ahmadinejad has openly called for the destruction of the State of Israel, hosting a conference called "The World Without Zionism" in October of 2005. Iran's president, who vocally denies the Nazi genocide against the Jews during the Holocaust, has referred to the Jewish State as "criminal," "a disease," and "a dead rat," and issued a statement on Israel's 60th anniversary of independence, saying, "Those who think they can revive the stinking corpse of the usurping and fake Israeli regime by throwing a birthday party are seriously mistaken. Today, the reason for the Zionist regime's existence is questioned, and this regime is on its way to annihilation." Criticism for Ahmedinijad is conspicuous by its absence. Here in India, the media glorifies him.

The irrationality of the Muslims, the phony Christians and the white supremacists, coupled with the way the world follows these stupid ideas is unbelievable at first sight - until you notice that God has foretold it 2500 years in advance!

Prophecy # 22: The governors of Judah will be like fire devouring their enemies (Zech 12:6)

Again, this is yet future, but we get a feeling of things to come when we look at the wars that Israel has fought so far. In the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, when Syria and Egypt attacked Israel, their initial success so electrified the Arab world that nine other Arab states hurriedly joined in. The Soviet Union blocked any UN attempt at cease fire and helped the Arabs. America refused to help Israel, saying it would trigger an oil crisis. When the war ended, Israeli tanks were on the outskirts of Damascus and Cairo. (Not to mention the wars in 1948 and 1967!). The Israelis destroyed Egypt's Air Force in half an hour in 1967! The image shows some of the wreckage.

Even in more recent times, Israeli military prowess highly disproportionate to its size is very well known. 

When India experiences an Islamic terror attack, our prime minister goes crying to the US and UN (who don't care) and mouths empty, veiled threats against Pakistan (which is usually responsible for sending the terrorists). On the other hand, in 2006, Israel bombed Lebanon to bits for allowing the Hezbollah to flourish and capture an Israeli soldier.

Remember that when Zechariah wrote these words (~500 BC), the Jews were a feeble bunch of people begging the Persian emperors for permission to rebuild their cities.

The only explanation for the fulfillment of these prophecies is that Jehovah, the God of Israel who knows and controls history was behind them.