Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ


Evidence for God: There's more than most people think. Some of it is for God in general, and some of it is specific to the God of the Bible.

The Bare Minimum: Even if you are not convinced that the Bible is true, there are some facts you cannot deny if you have even a superficial commitment to the truth.

Atheism: What is atheism? What are its logical consequences? Do atheists always live out their beliefs? What happens when they do?

Quotes: Candid confessions by well known atheists that blow away the facade of rationality that atheists usually put on.

Ethics: How to know what is right and wrong?

Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy: Are they the same as the message of the Bible?

Islam: Is Allah the same as the God of the Bible? How does Islam compare with the Bible?

Hinduism: Are all religions the same? Are Hinduism and the message of the Bible different paths to the same destination? Is Hinduism "sanatan dharma", the oldest and truest religion?

New religions and techniques: What to make of regression therapy, reiki, transcendental meditation, wicca, etc?

The theory of evolution: Is the theory of evolution a satisfactory (or credible) explanation for what we observe in nature?

The Big Bang Theory: Has science explained the origin of the universe without the hand of a Creator?

The Nativity: The Bible tells us that God came to earth and was born as a man; some reflections on this amazing truth.

The Bible: Not only is the Bible a book that man could not write if he would, it is also a book that man would not write if he could. Also see the following:-

  1. General marks of authenticity in the Bible
  2. What does the Bible say about itself?
  3. The Integrity of the Bible
  4. How to interpret the Bible?
  5. The preservation of the Bible
Noah's Flood: What happened to the dinosaurs? How did the fossils, coal and oil form?

Jesus Christ: What's so special about him? Also see the following:-

  1. Did Jesus claim to be God? 
  2. What are his offices? 
  3. Did he really die on the cross? 
  4. Did he rise again from the dead?

The Jews: Why are they different from everyone else? What does their uniqueness prove?

Prophecy: Has anyone anytime predicted the future and been completely right? Who are the Biblical prophets?
The Fall of Man: Although there is a lot of beauty in nature (that makes people think that the world was made by a loving Creator), there is a lot of bad stuff as well - death, pain, carnivorous animals, people hurting each other, natural processes such as child birth being painful, a sense of shame regarding our naked bodies, and so on. What has gone wrong?
Archaeology: How does archaeology tally with the Bible?