Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ


The following are some of the evidences for God's existence. The first three point merely to a personal, powerful, Creator, while the rest point more specifically to Jehovah, the God of the Bible, the God before whom I stand. While falling short of a math-style proof or a "seeing is believing" opportunity, this body of evidence clearly shows that the God of the Bible is better authenticated than any other god or the idea that there is no god.

Evidence # 1: Logic

Logic can be thought of as a separate category in reasons to believe in God, but I've included it here for convenience. Based on pure reasoning, we can deduce that God exists.

Evidence # 2: Nature

The natural world around us points to a Master Creator/Designer. Details

Evidence # 3: Human nature

We humans have some qualities that do not fit an an evolutionary view of our origin - rather, they suggest that humans have been created by God. What features of human nature point to God?

Evidence # 4: The Jews

If there is no God, and humans are a result of evolution, we would expect similarity or continuous variation among the various ethnic groups. Instead, there is one ethnic group, the Jews, that stands out in stark contrast to all others. Further, the unique features of the Jews are impossible to account for from a naturalistic standpoint. This proves that there is a God, and the Jews have some connection with Him. Details

Evidence # 5: The Bible

The existence of the Bible, along with several of its features, points to the fact that the God of the Bible is real. This is because the Bible is not a book that a man could write if he would, and also not a book that a man would write if he could. This proves that God Himself is ultimately responsible for the Bible's origin. The Bible has all the general features one expects in an authentic book. The Bible claims to be the ultimate authority and demands a response. You may also want to check out: General Information about the Bible

Evidence # 6: Jesus of Nazareth

The Bible is replete with promises that God would send His Son down to earth as a Savior, with descriptions of how he would be. Not only this, but cultures all over the world have a concept of God coming down in human form. Is there anyone in history who fits the bill? This website exists to proclaim that the man Jesus, who lived in Nazareth, a town in northern Israel in the first century is indeed that long promised Messiah. Jesus of Nazareth has authenticated himself as the Messiah, and this is proof that God exists and has been faithful to His promise of providing a savior for us. Learn the details here.

Evidence # 7: Transformation

If God exists, and is good and powerful, we can expect Him to change people drastically for good. This is indeed happening all over the world, and this constitutes evidence for God. The Testimonies Page has testimonies of people known personally to me. Here are some examples of dramatic transformations that are well known among believers in the Bible.

Evidence # 8: Missionary Zeal

One test of a belief is to what extent its adherents go to communicate it to others. If you claim you've got something wonderful for humanity, but you don't bother to spread it, you're either incredibly selfish or not sure of your beliefs. The incredible extent to which missionaries of the Bible have gone to take The Main Message to the ends of the earth suggests that they are being propelled along by something beyond human initiative: divine leading. Missionary zeal thus constitutes evidence for God. Details

Evidence # 9: Martyrs

If a man is willing to hold on to his beliefs despite being tortured or killed, it suggests that his beliefs are true. The enormous record of martyrs for the God of the Bible testifies to His existence.

Evidence # 10: Answered Prayer

If God exists and helps His people, then we can expect answers to their prayers that cannot be explained away as coincidence.


As you can see, the evidence for the God of the Bible is enormous. There is no excuse for not believing in His existence and submitting to Him. If you feel the evidence is good but you have doubts as to whether it is all true, go ahead and pray to Him - tell Him, that if He exists, you're willing to submit to Him and therefore want Him to reveal Himself to you.
"The one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out." – Jesus Christ, John 6:37