Truth That Matters

"What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?" - Jesus Christ


Atheists are people who say that there is no God. There is however, plenty of Evidence for God.

In this article I intend to discuss the atheistic worldview. I show how atheism logically leads to nihilism. Thus, decent, purposeful, moral living are INCOMPATIBLE and CONTRADICTORY with atheism. An atheist can only be a nice person when he is INCONSISTENT with his worldview. Moreover, the atheistic worldview is DESTRUCTIVE when lived out consistently.

What is a worldview?

A worldview is a frame of understanding through which we view the world. Any worldview should answer the following questions:-

  • ORIGINS: How did this universe and everything in it come into existence? How did it become the way it is?
  • IDENTITY: What is man? What's the best way to live? OR What is the meaning of life? What is morally right, and what is morally wrong?
  • DESTINY: What happens after death? How will the world end?

What is the atheistic worldview?

ORIGINS: Atheists believe that the universe came into existence on its own; then life formed on earth and evolved, guided by natural selection, a brutal process of survival of the fittest.

IDENTITY: The logical atheist answer is: NOTHING. If people have arisen due to natural processes, they do not have intrinsic value, and we are not under any obligation to treat them well. Atheism thus leads to a moral vacuum (clarifications); only the Bible provides a logically firm foundation for ethics.

What does atheism imply about other aspects of our life?

  • Truth or falsehood does not matter. Whether I believe that the earth goes round the sun, or that the sun goes around the earth, what does it matter? Both beliefs are merely different electrical impulses in my brain. Similarly, it makes little difference (in terms of real value) whether people believe in God or not.
  • There is no purpose in life. You may choose to give yourself any purpose you like, but your choice is absolutely arbitrary and eventually inconsequential (because our universe is heading towards a heat death), and hence, ultimately meaningless.
DESTINY: The atheist answer is NOTHING. There is nothing to us except molecules. When we die, we continue to be molecules, but the chemical reactions that go on in our bodies are different. We lose our identity due to the activity of scavenging bacteria (or combustion, if our bodies are burnt). Whether you're a person like William Wilberforce, who campaigned extensively and effectively against slavery, or like Hugh Hefner, who places sexual pleasure above all else, or whether you're a mass murderer like Stalin or Pol Pot, you meet the same fate.


What are the consequences of the atheistic worldview?


Atheism is an empty, unsustainable worldview. Atheists who try to live decent lives end up contradicting their worldview, and to the extent that atheism is practiced to its logical end, it produces havoc and destruction. The good news is that God exists. I'm not asking you to base your beliefs on what feels good. Do check out the evidence and decide for yourself. If you insist on being an atheist, demonstrate the guts to be consistent with what you believe.